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Special conditions for project «Calm Harbour»


Unique offer to SALE

    Developer "New Alternative Invest" is pleased to offer you heed a campaign for the objects of their own construction.

    The comfortable houses are designed on the principle of "townhouse" and designed for two/three families. Separate entrances on opposite sides of the house give each owner a sense of comfort and privacy.

Reduced cost of townhouses on three families

are participating in the action house 4,5 - Sector В

Terms and conditions:

1. The promotion is valid from 01.04.2016 to 31.05.2016

2. Terms and conditions apply to the purchase of a home project, "Calm Harbour"

3. The price for the shares is EUR 60 000 EUR 90 000 instead.

4. Information about: description, gen.plan, photo - more ...

5. Act 15 is received.


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