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Legal services

Our legal services in the territory of Bulgaria

1. Consulting in real estate business, representing your interests before a notary;

2. Making notarial contracts (sale, gift, services, exchange, mortgage etc.);

3. Making and reviewing all contracts, agreements, powers of attorney, wills etc.;

4. Advocating in disputes associated with real estate;

5. Assistance in obtaining a permit for temporary stay in Bulgaria

6. Real estate due diligence: legal and financial standing, fair market value, legal arrangements of the activities you intend to carry out in the territory of Bulgaria;

7. Registering and assisting fully in foundation of a new company, making amendments, dissolution, including registering LLC for purchase of land, opening settlement accounts and assistance in licensing;

8. Legal support to businesses;

9. Legal consulting in taxation of legal entities or individuals;

10. Making entry to the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in order to obtain a D visa and permit for temporary stay in Bulgaria;

11. Legal consulting, oral or written, in civil law;

12. Procedural representation in courts of any level in the territory of Bulgaria, and other.


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