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               LOZENEC                       SOZOPOL                   St. VLAS                            BURGAS


 Temperate continental climate, warm azure sea, graceful architecture, a wide range of property and impartial legislation above all– this is just a short list of advantages that most of tourists find appealing when they choose Bulgaria as a final destination of their journey. This small European country washed by the Black sea in the East has a successfully evolving market of real estate comprising villas, apartments, private houses, lands. So no doubts that Bulgarian property market can easily meet the requirements of a very demanding client. There is a great deal of options how one may take an advantage out of his property. For instance, when the house is used only during the summer vacation it may be given for rent so that an owner could gain extra profit. Or one may use it for permanent residence all year round.

The prices for Bulgarian property are no compare with the cost of an average apartment in Moscow, so one may afford purchasing either a house with a picturesque view on the Black Sea, or an apartment with exclusive interior. Indeed, the real estate market in Bulgaria is diverse so here one can find beach areas for seasonal holidays, year-round resorts with mineral springs or small towns with lush vegetation.

No wonder that a ten-day long vacation is incomparable with a 3-month long stay in Bulgaria. An ordinary tourist tends to trek the route in a hurry to see all sights at once, so in most cases it turns out impossible to combine trying out the swimming pool and the sea, tasting local cuisine and resting in the hotel suite within a short space of time. On the contrary, those who have no deadlines may afford getting to know the country more thoroughly like going to local theaters, taking part in festivals, visiting restaurants at any time to feel the pure romantic atmosphere of Bulgaria.

The company “New Alternative” has a great experience in dealing with people interested in purchasing property in Bulgaria. Considering the current state of affairs on real estate market and opinions of our private clients we try to build housing only on sites with beautiful surroundings.

We suggest that you should see the exact location of the housing which our company are currently erecting so that you have no doubts that Bulgaria is a really astonishing destination for vacation and for permanent residence as well.


     LOZENEC                       SOZOPOL                   St. VLAS                            BURGAS


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