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Immigration to Bulgaria

     Many Russian citizens in immigration as a way of immigration in Europe choose Bulgarian Variant. Circumstances that make this Eastern European country is such an attractive warm climate, not the high price level in line with European quality service and attractive real estate market. However, many question how to regularize their status in the country to stay a comfortable one.


   Note! When applying for residence permit in Bulgaria allows you to freely move through Europe and to have the opportunity to work and live in any EU country.

   There are several statuses stay in Bulgaria, which differ from each other. For example, if a foreign national residence set a uniform civil number (PIN) and their rights are equal to the rights of a citizen of Bulgaria (except for participation in local elections). Temporary residence status a foreigner set the personal number of the foreigner (PNF) that will reside on the territory of Bulgaria, however, medical care, training, etc. services will remain free.

   Most recently, Bulgaria has a new status for their stay-DŽV-long-long stay. This status gives the right to get a civil registration and for employment use health insurance.


Extended stay - more

   Extended stay in Bulgaria is often referred to as a "residence permit-a PERMIT and a residence permit in the Republic of Bulgaria for up to one year.

   How to obtain:

• get permission from representatives of the Ministry of labor and social welfare to work in harmony with the Bulgarian labor code;

• doing business with the creation of at least 10 working places for Bulgarian citizens.

• full-time education in the universities of the country;

• professionals who came at the invitation of for further work on the already signed international agreement;

• enter into a legal marriage with Bulgarian citizens permanently residing in the country;

• long-term medical treatment with sufficient material means.

• persons with pension and with insufficient financial resources to stay in the country;

• international media correspondents, samoobespečivaûŝie itself.


   Long-term stay in Bulgaria (DWA)-details of this status is granted only to those who lived on the territory of Bulgaria within 5 years before submitting applications for DŽV. Attention! To be absent from the territory of Bulgaria should not be 6 consecutive months and a total of 10 months, for a period of five years.

   Permanent residence in Bulgaria (permanent residence)-more permanent place of residence is issued for an indefinite period. The status of permanent residence for more than five years, gives the right to Bulgarian citizenship.


   How to obtain:

• persons born on the territory of the country (with the Bulgarian "roots");

• children of the citizens of Bulgaria, as well as individuals have the right to permanent residence;

• parents with a citizen of Bulgaria, as well as the adoptive parents of minors (not less than 3 years from the date of registration of documents for adoption);

• investors who established the law enforcement $ 250,000 minimum order in the economy;

• persons residing in the country legally on the territory of Bulgaria without a break of not less than 5 years (excluding the term education in local municipalities).

    However, if you make a special contribution to the development of the economy of the country, its public prosperity, science and national defense, as well as culture and technology development, an alien is entitled to a permanent residence in the territory of a State without taking into account all the above points.

   Nationality the nationality to get uneasy. It can count on more ethnic Bulgarians wishing to move to their historical homeland. As a rule, Russian citizens as such citizenship are not interested in.

- Extended stay

- Extended stay for pensioner

Permanent residence


Obtaining a Bulgarian entry visa

Embassy and Consulate

- Drivers license

Buy a car in Bulgaria



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